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88.3 Jia FM, The only bilingual radio station in Singapore

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88.3Jia FM


883Jia FM, the only bilingual radio station in Singapore

9 hours ago

We’ve lost our A! @883jiafm is proud to support #Missingtype campaign

Singapore is one of the 27 countries participating in the International Missing Type campaign to raise the awareness of the importance of blood donation.
More than 350 units of blood are needed by our patients every day!
Play your part to raise the awareness about blood donation by:
1. Snapping a photo of you and your name without the As, Os and Bs
2. Posting it on your social media page with #MissingTypeSG, and encourage your friends to do the same
You can take it a step further by making an appointment or head down to any one of the blood banks to donate blood today! Call 6220 0183 or visit for more details.





由于一名教师患上肺结核,武吉巴督一家学前教育中心的100多名学生接受相关检验。在上个星期五确诊患上肺结核的教师来自学前教育中心Little Greenhouse,这名教师已在中心内任职多于1年。校方立即在星期六进行消毒,并向所有家长作出通知。校内的104名学生分为两批进行测试,率先在今天检验的是一批年龄较小的学生,其余学生则会在后天检测。